Dive Into Your Relationship with God: A Guide for Development

The Bible calls us to do it. As believers, we know that we should pursue a relationship with God, but it’s hard to figure out how. Just to warn you, these tips aren’t easy. The things I’m about to recommend are hard to do. God is worth the hard work you’re about to put in to develop your relationship with Him, I promise. Here are some tips to help guide you through the development of the most important relationship you’ll ever have.

Pray at Least Twice a Day

I often place my relationship with God in the perspective of him being my friend on Earth. If I only spoke to a friend once or twice a month, and it was only when I needed them to do something that benefitted me, I don’t think I would be a very good friend. I’ve been there, where I would only pray when I wanted God to do something for me. The day I started praying daily, in the morning, at night, and casually throughout the day, was the day I felt like the door to my relationship with God was opened. I always find myself saying a short prayer for patience when something annoying is happening, or when something amazing happens, I’ll think, Thank you, God. Prayer doesn’t have to be getting down on your hands and knees for several minutes, it just has to be a quick talk between you and God.

Just to be clear, it’s okay if you don’t pray multiple times a day. This is just a tip for when you want to develop your relationship with God. If praying ever becomes a chore or if it ever feels forced, then it’s okay to take a step back and only pray once a day.

Read the Bible Everyday

I know you’re probably thinking, Hailey, you already told me to pray multiple times a day, and now you expect me to make time to read the Bible every single day? Yes, I am.

Hear me out. Being able to read the Bible is a huge blessing that we often take advantage of. If you’re reading this blog post, I’m going to assume that you live in a country where it’s not illegal to read God’s Word. Not to be upsetting, but people have been put to death for reading the Bible, and so I think it’s the ultimate blessing to be able to read it every day. Even if I do only one plan on the YouVersion Bible App, then I know I’m taking advantage of my greatest blessing. I’m not saying you must read an entire chapter every night to develop your relationship with God, but I think if we all set aside as little as five minutes of the day, we will see growth. It’s also amazing to read the great words that Jesus spoke, and read about the lessons that he taught his followers.

Similarly to my point about praying, if reading the Bible ever becomes a chore or if it ever feels forced, then it’s okay to take a step back and read the Bible when you feel like the Holy Spirit is calling you to.

Cut Out Music That’s Not God-Honoring

Okay, now you’re REALLY asking for a lot. I know I am. Try to stay with me!

Worship is a form of prayer. Singing God-honoring words like “There is no fear now that you haven’t conquered” or “You are my healer, you are the answer, Jesus you are” will help to develop your relationship with God immediately. Here’s a confession, I used to love rap music, like Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne rap music. When I accepted Jesus into my life, I quickly began to realize the toxic words that were being rapped into my ears. I then found musicians like Lecrae, Zauntee, and GAWVI, who genuinely have great music, but they have God-honoring lyrics. You don’t have to listen to old hymns to have God’s Word played into your ears. Spotify has some great playlists of the most popular Christian music, and you’re bound to find at least one band you like. There are many Christian artists that create music that sounds like the music you hear on Top 40 radio, you just have to listen and give it a chance.

Join a Bible Study

Finally! A tip that’s not asking you to change a big part of your life! Community is a huge part of growing your relationship with God. It’s great to have people around you who will support you and will be there for you if you have any questions about God. Click here to find an online Bible Study group!

I know this all seems difficult and I’m telling you to change your life, but the Bible calls us to do these things. It’s not easy, but it will be worth it when you feel joy in your heart and when you feel God’s presence for the first time.

8 Ways You Can Increase Your Productivity in 2019

We should all want to increase our productivity at work or school. To me, being productive means getting things done in an efficient amount of time, while keeping a good mindset. It’s so easy to get stressed out or even frustrated with certain tasks, but these tips will help you to stay level-headed, and get things done at a good pace.

1. Wake Up Early

Like 5:00 AM early. If you wake up before everyone else, you have more time to get things done. This gives you the chance to quickly clean up your house, get a load of laundry done, enjoy breakfast, workout, and more! You also will be less groggy by the time you get to work or school, since you have been awake for three hours already.

2. Use Time-Blocking

Have you ever had too many meetings to get your tasks done? Time-blocking will prevent this common issue. Try to block off at least two hours throughout the day specifically to work on your tasks, to ensure that you will not be pulled into meetings. You can also dedicate half a day, or even a full day, to getting tasks done if you are not able to do two hours a day.

3. Write Morning Pages

Right when you wake up, immediately write down anything. Just fill out three pages with whatever comes to your mind. This will help you see what the most important things in your life are, and come up with new ideas. For some more information on morning pages, click here.

4. Meal Prep

Have you noticed how long it takes you to cook your meals every day? Have you noticed the stress that comes with rushing to make your lunch for the day at 6:00 AM? Meal planning and prepping solves this problem. On a day that you don’t have work, take some time to check out your Pinterest recipes, make a grocery list, then make all of those delicious recipes for the week ahead! For some meal prep tips and tricks, click here.

5. Take Advantage of Days Off

Use your days off of work or school to prepare for the week ahead. For me, I use Saturdays and Sundays to do my laundry, to wash my dishes, and to plan my goals for the week. I will meal prep on the weekends too!

6. Listen to Classical or Instrumental Music

Try listening to a study or focus playlist on Spotify. Studies show that listening to classical music helps productivity and memory. These two music styles have a soothing nature and may help you to remain calm when completing your tasks.

7. Do Your Least Favorite Tasks First

Start out doing the tasks you dread first, so that way your favorite tasks will give you some motivation to push through the pesky ones. You could also do the tasks that take the most time first, to get them out of the way first.

8. Set a Timer

If you have a day that’s filled with long, boring tasks, set a timer for 20-30 minutes. When your time is up, either change tasks or take a short break. You might find that you will be more productive when you focus for a straight 20 minutes, knowing that you will get a break when your focus time is up.

 I hope these eight tips help you to reach new levels of productivity! Remember, your mental health and mindset are more important than being the best worker in your office, so take good care of yourself! Have a great New Year!


How to Have Positive Thoughts When Times Are Hard


Why is it that hard times always seem to occur in cycles? When it rains, it POURS, every time. This has been a common theme throughout my life. When it’s finals week, family drama always occurs. When one of my family members are sick, relationship problems arise. Then, the stress of everything going on causes me to have health issues, which is yet another problem to manage. These are just some examples of what has happened in my life in the past month, and I assure you that all of these things do not occur consistently, only in seasons.

How do we cope with all of these seemingly negative things on top of everything else we already manage? The answer is easy.


I know you’re thinking, What do you mean Jesus? I mean that we must look to Him through these hard times and really lean on him. I used to suffer from a pretty extreme case of Anxiety Disorder, and I used to have to be in control, or else I would have an anxiety attack. I didn’t know Jesus up until 2016, and so it was incomprehensible for me to lean on Him. Once I gave my life to Christ, life got easier, things got less stressful, and I learned how to let go.

The best way to give all of these stressful, tear-jerking, crazy things to God is to submit to Him through prayer. For example, pray: “Dear Lord, I give all of the good things and the difficult things to you. I know that you have a plan for me and the people in my life. I fully trust that You will provide and that You will make everything perfect in the end. Please give me peace, and have Your hand over my life. Amen.”

I know this is difficult to do, I’ve been there. God will never let us down, and he has a plan for each of us. All He calls us to do is trust in Him, and He will provide.

Thank you for reading. You can get through the hard times with the support of Jesus Christ.

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I started this blog as a creative outlet. I constantly found myself thinking, “I have so much to say on this topic… If only I had a place where I could write my thoughts down!” I finally have the outlet I prayed for, and I’m so thankful.

The most important thing you should know about me is that I believe that Jesus Christ is my Savior. I have had a relationship with Jesus since 2016, and I have been on fire for him ever since! Our relationship has been very all-in since I gave my life to him. I plan on writing about my relationship with Jesus frequently!

I am an Army girlfriend (hopefully fiancee soon). I plan on writing about mental and physical health, Jesus, food, military life, and anything else that pops into my head. I know it is recommended to stick to one niche, but I just can’t!

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